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east side of building, viewed from the southeast corner closer view of east entrance. Union County Courthouse in silver above the entrance; the law enforcement building is seen to the right (north)
The courthouse was constructed with concrete, and faced with limestone
close view of entrance. polished stone around the door; a flag reflection is seen in the windows above the entrance doors
Built in 1952 Williamson, Loebsack & Assoc; O.D. Milligan Construction
A view of the east entrance from across the street; the flagpole and trimmed hedges are in the foreground

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Iowa Judicial Branch: Union County Courthouse History
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Postcard images, including views of 1890 Courthouse:

Photos were taken September 8, 2008 near 6:00 p.m. The entrance faces east, so the light was not favorable at this time of night, although a beautiful sky is reflected in the windows!