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A view of the grand courtroom, facing the bench.
The grand courtroom has a modern look, but features tall windows on both the east and west walls.
view of the north stairwell with wood steps, floor and radiator
Notice the beautiful wood flooring and vintage radiator. The north stairwell with wooden stairs leads to the second floor, and to the basement, which was added in the 1930's
A white vault door with molded decorative detail around and on the door
A beautiful vault door provides protection to county records.  A vault was also added in the basement during the 1930's
A decorative door handle with embossed detail. It is painted black on a white door
This style of decorative door handle is on several doors on the second floor.
Exterior photographs of the courthouse

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Photographs taken July 14, 2009. Assistance and information provided by Diana Dawley, Poweshiek County Auditor