Iowa's Courthouses: Polk County

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Details of stone carving on the clock tower and roof line

Courthouse designed used Beaux Arts architecture

Built in 1906 by Proudfoot and Bird
Grotesques are carved into the stone in the arches above the windows
Interior photos of courthouse

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Iowa Judicial Branch: Polk County Courthouse History
National  Register of Historical Places: Added in 1979
Polk County and courthouse history: My Iowa Genealogy
Postcard images, including views of 1858 courthouses:

Information on architects Proudfoot and Bird: Wichita Scottish Rite and Utah History to Go

Photos were taken August 30, 2008 near 5:45 p.m. This was the last stop on our first weekend excursion. Even though the east face of the building is in the shade, it is much brighter than 5:45 in October!
Additional photos were taken January 31, 2009 around noon; and March 19, 2009 around noon (including interior photos).