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View of across the rotunda of the stained glass window outside the courtroom, with replica seals on the rotunda walls
The second floor was rebuilt after the 1991 fire. The stained-glass window and seals were carefully reproduced for historical accuracy
A view of the reconstructed judge's bench with U.S. flag on the left
The courtroom was destroyed in the fire. This judge's bench was designed to replicate the original design. Note the tall ceiling!
Hinge has ornate design in the metal

Original hinges and doorknobs are found, especially on the first floor
County record books - large leather-bound volumes - stacked horizontally on shelves

County records are stored in vaults, which protected valuable documents from the fire
Exterior photos of the Page County Courthouse

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Interior photos taken May 15, 2009. Tour and information provided by Judy Clark, Page County Auditor.