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White-painted woven metal walls and doors of the jail cells
The basement formerly served as the jail - now the cells provide needed storage
round court room, with dark wood and lighted by stained glass and recessed lights
The courtroom features a long curved rail and desks of carved wood. Stained glass windows on the north wall and ceiling provide warm light as well as beauty to the room. The courtrooms were remodeled in 1979
Curved wood railing with wrought iron supports around the rotunda; hand-carved wood detail around the courtroom door.
The wood and metal railing encircles the rotunda. In the background is the hand-carved entrance to the main courtroom, which was originally behind the judge's bench prior to remodeling.
wood chairs and table in the foreground, with shelves of law books in the background
The law library provides a quiet respite for research. Throughout the courthouse are beautiful carved wood details on the doors, shelves, and counters.
Exterior photos of Marion County Courthouse

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Interior photos were taken June 3, 2009. Many thanks to Nancy Harsin, who provided the guided tour.