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central hallway on main floor has tile pattern, arched ceilings, and etched stone fountain in the center
Main hallway facing north. The marble floor features different colored stone. The arched ceilings support the replica light fixtures
The staircase is carved from local timbers. The railing and stair tread are all wood.
The beautiful carved staircase is one example of woodwork crafted from local timbers.
The graffiti wall preserves writing from prisoners held on the third floor.
 The graffiti wall preserves drawings, poems, and writings from prisoners held on the third floor. 
The courtroom facing west. Original seats and railing
The courtroom features original gallery seats, railing, and other furniture. The ceiling has been lowered and a jury room added. 
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Interior photos were taken on May 15, 2009. Tour and information provided by Bob Weeks, Madison County Supervisor.