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view of the staircase leading to the third floor. Iron railings along the stairs and balcony, a painting can be seen in the dome
The stone staircase has a unique wrought iron work below the handrail. The stairs open up to a rotunda, crowned by a gilded dome with beautiful murals depicting the growth of the county
A view of the courtroom, with light colored hand-carved wood
The courtroom features beautiful hand-carved light-colored wood furniture and rails, with all desks resting on stone bases
a view of the dome from the first floor. A stained glass window is in the center, with decorations creating a spoke to the edge of the dome. The iron railings from the third floor can be seen.
A view of the dome looking up from the first floor. The stained glass at the peak is illuminated by lights above the dome. Notice the decorative gold trim on the pillars, and the railing around the rotunda.
Brick support column, has a wide base that tapers up
Underneath all the beauty, wide support columns are critical to the strength of the building.
Exterior photos of the Keokuk County Courthouse

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Photos were taken on June 9, 2009 at around 8:00 am. Many thanks to all the staff in the auditor's office for all their assistance in historical information and access to many areas of the courthouse.