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South view of main entrance to courthouse.  Jones County Court House in dark text above the third floor windows. The building is constructed of light brick and with light stone details. War memorial "Jones County Remembers all veterans who honorably served our country." The courthouse is in the background.
View from the southeast corner. The front of the courthouse is in view, with a glimpse of the large courthouse lawn with many beautiful trees in fall colors.
Built in 1936 by Dougher, Rich & Woodburn
A closer view of the courthouse entrance. Art deco details in the stone around the entrance, use of vertical lines in the brick, and metal work in the door and light fixtures on each side of the door.

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Jones County Website

Iowa Judicial Branch: Jones County Courthouse History
National Register of Historical Places: Added 2003. (Press release by State Historical Society of Iowa)
County and Courthouse history at My Iowa Genealogy
Postcard images, including vintage views of the 1836 courthouse:

These photos were taken on October 11, 2008 around 8:00 a.m.
The courthouse rests on a beautifully landscaped lawn, simply resplendent in the fall foliage. The puppies enjoyed romping on the grass, but somehow missed seeing a neighborhood kitty!