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looking up at concrete ceiling
Reinforced concrete beams used in construction can be seen in the basement level
Stairwell with stone treads and iron railing; terrazzo floors on the landing
A view of the staircase extending from the first floor to the second floor. Note the wainscotting of Mankato marble, stair treads of Winona stone, iron railings, and terrazzo tile on the first floor and landing.
View of courtroom from the east wall toward the judge's bench on the west wall
The courtroom features many features made from rift sawn oak. The light fixtures are glass and aluminum; note the aluminum gate at the gallery rail. The ornamental plaster on the ceiling has been recently restored with painstaking attention to original details.
South entrance to the courthouse
The entrance features rift sawn oak panels, stone stairs, and decorative aluminum panel over the register. Note the beautiful glass and aluminum light, and decorative plaster details on the ceiling, and the marble dedication plaque
Exterior photos of the Humboldt County Courthouse

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