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Close view of decorative stone above the door with raised "1889" View of the south side of the building, including the main entrance, from the southeast corner of the square.
Built using Romanesque style architecture.
A view of the southwest corner of the courthouse. A flagpole is in the foreground, and the main entrance is hidden behind shrubs.
Built in 1889 by S.E. Maxon, architect; Harry Wales, contractor
Fremont County War Memorial on the south side of the square. The courthouse is in the background.

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Iowa Judicial Branch: Fremont County Courthouse History
National  Register of Historical Places: Added in 1981
Fremont County and courthouse history: My Iowa Genealogy
Postcard images, includes vintage images of 1889 courthouse:

These photos were taken September 28, 2008 about 12:20 p.m.
There was an elderly couple taking photos when we arrived. They were there for their 50th anniversary. I was honored to take their photo once again on the courthouse lawn.