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View from front left Spirit Lake monument
View from front center with bell tower
Groundbreaking in 2004:  Architects RDG Planning & Design
View from front right

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Dickinson County Website

(courthouse information below refers to the courthouse razed for the new construction)
Iowa Judicial Branch: Dickinson County Courthouse History

National  Register of Historical Places: Added in 2006
Dickinson County and courthouse history: My Iowa Genealogy
Postcard images, includes 1891 Courthouse and 1957 addition:

These photos were taken September 13, 2008 around 11:00 a.m. This was our fifth courthouse out of 14 county seats for that day. The day started with a persistent light rain, so we wer glad to be able to walk around to get photos without rainfall. As you can see, the construction was still ongoing on this beautiful new courthouse, which includes a replica of the prior courthouse's bell tower.