Iowa's Courthouses: A Photographic Journey

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  • Personal email:
    • Adams County
      • Diane Bovaird, Adams County Election Clerk
      • Mary Miller, Adams County Recorder
    • Black Hawk County
      • Nancy Lemon, Black Hawk County
    • Carroll County
      • Joan Schettler, Carroll County Auditor
      • Marilyn Dopheide, Carroll County Recorder/Registrar
    • Cedar County
      • Cari Gritton, Cedar County Auditor
    • Cerro Gordo County
      • Tom Drzycimski, AICP, Cerro Gordo County Planning & Zoning
    • Cherokee County:
      • Sharon Henkel, Cherokee County Auditor's office
      • Robert Hart, Cherokee County Asessor
    • Guthrie County
      • Tristen Richard, Deputy Guthrie County Recorder
    • Kossuth County
      • Richard Schiek, Kossuth County Engineer
      • Karen Benschoter, Kossuth County Recorder
    • Mills County
      • Vicki McClintic, Mills County Recorder
    • Pottawattamie County
      • John Sciortino, Pottawattamie County Recorder
  • References:
    • Gebhard, David and Gerald Mansheim (1995). Buildings of Iowa. Oxford University Press.
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  • Interview/Tour
    • Madison County
      • Bob Weeks, Madison County Supervisor
    • Montgomery County
      • Greg Dickerson, Maintenance Manager
    • Page County
      • Judy Clark, Page County Auditor
  • Guidance and encouragement:
    • Gary Hefty: countless hours of planning routes and navigating
    • Dr. Lynn E. Nielsen, University of Northern Iowa: extensive web site review and support
    • Slater Public Library staff: research assistance
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