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A view from southeast. A bell tower is topped with flags. The entrance to the building is in the center Closer view of the entrance. 1959 is carved left of the entrance. Cerro Cordo County Court Hose is carved into the stone above the doors and colored glass panels.
Photo taken from the northeast corner looking south. A war memorial is in the foreground; the bell tower is in the background.
Additional construction and remodeled in 1959 by Liebenberg & Kaplan Architects and Engineers; the 1977 addition by Associated Engineers, Inc.
View from the southeast corner looking north. The bell tower is in the foreground.

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Iowa Judicial Branch:  Cerro Gordo County Courthouse History
Cedar County and courthouse history: My Iowa Genealogy
Postcard images, vintage views of 1901 Courthouse:

Additional historic photos submitted by Tom Drzycimski, AICP, Administrative Officer, Cerro Gordo County Planning & Zoning

The photos above were actually taken on our second visit to Cerro Gordo County. On our first visit on September 6, we located a building with the inscription "Post Office and Court House," but on later research discovered that was not the correct site! On October 12, 2008 around 11:00 a.m. we located the current county courthouse.

(information provided with assistance from Tom Drzycimski, Cerro Gordo County Planning & Zoning, and the web links above)

Original Standard Oil building in Mason City, which underwent remodeling before it became the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse
The Standard Oil building, before it was remodeled in 1959 to become Cerro Gordo County's third courthouse.
Cerro Gordo County's second courthouse, circa 1902
This is the county's second courthouse, which served from 1902 until 1960. It was razed in 1962.
Cerro Gordo County's first courthouse in the 1860's
The 1860 stone courthouse in Mason City.