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View of brick sign "Butler County Court House" in front of the east side of the courthouse. The courthouse is in the background. A from the northeast. The dark glass and dark brown bricks provide a tall vertical focal point around the entrance. The flagpole and trees are reflected in the dark glass. The city's water tower is in the background.
A distance view of the main entrance from the street. You can see how large the courthouse lawn is!
Built in 1975 by Cervetti-Weber & Assoc; general contractor Ramker Construction & Supply
The cupola from the previous courthouse sits atop a historical museum at the west end of the courthouse lawn.

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Postcard images, including the 1883 courthouse:

These photos were taken September 6, 2008 at about 6:00 p.m.
The modern courthouse faced east, so photos at the end of the day did not have the most flattering light. We were tickled to see that the tower from the former courthouse was preserved on the back of the grounds.