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Stainless steel grille over register - long pieces are curvy with leaf shape at the top
This Art Deco grille over the registers in the entrance is one of the  treasures that remain after remodeling.
Silver tone door handle in the entrance
This stainless steel door handle from the entrance is another reminder of the original artistic details.  Brass door plates with art deco features are seen on the doors to the court room.
Main floor with floor, ceiling, and a door centered at the end of the hall.
Several original features are seen on the main floor. The terrazzo floor pattern is framed by marble wainscoting,  metal doors with windows and transoms, and the ceiling detail framed with plaster molding.

Ceiling detail in the background, the light fixture features frosted glass with metal eagles near the top.
An original light fixture is centered in the main floor hallway just beyond the entrance. The metal detail is striking!
Exterior photos of the courthouse

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Although the court room was unavailable during this visit, we glanced at the blueprints to gain insight to the architects' vision - it would definitely be worth a visit to look! Typical of the era, it is a two-story room rich with original details remaining.