Iowa's Courthouses: Black Hawk County

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Close view of north entrance, with scales of justice in metal on the smooth granite face of the building.
Wider view of north side of courthouse. Shows stone and artwork above the entrance, and three stories of windows on both sides of the door.
View from northeast of the main entrance. Shows the length of the building
Built in 1964 by Toenjes & Stenson
P.W.A. Construction. Built in 1939 by Keffer and Jones
View from the west. Shows the flags and a memorial garden with benches on the northwest corner of the lawn

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Iowa Judicial Branch:  Black Hawk County Courthouse History
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These photos were taken around 6:00 p.m. on October 11, 2008. The daylight is starting to fade, but there's still just enough daylight to catch some photos, although some long shadows crawl across the front of the courthouse!

(information obtained with assistance from Nancy Lemon, Black Hawk County; and the web links above)